not all those who wander are lost

I think this banner is quite an accurate depiction of the current conditions downtown….

So at first I tried taking photos that looked like the slumpy banner….

Hahaha !

Anyway, nice shots of our usual friends on sunny days with long lenses… Always fun stuff. Broderick Tower details – you know, they are making lofts out of Broderick – BWAHAHAHA ! Just kidding.. That is just a sign they put up years ago.

Same view, looking back up the street from the other end of the above shot.

The Free Press building.

The beautiful and empty Stott Tower

And the even more beautiful Guardian Building peeking out from behind the Stott.

Grand Army of the Republic hall. (GAR)

The refurbished Fort-Shelby Hotel – this looks quite a bit like Henry Ford Hospital to my eye.

Another fun stacked up distance shot.

14 Responses to Rediscover Downtown Detroit

  • Am I nuts, or are there actual windows at the top of the GAR building in that shot? I would love to be rich enough to buy that place…

  • Ahahahah – dude, you totally beat me to that punchline, I just didnt get to writing it yet. Yes, if we wanted to be simply wealthy, would we not have been bankers ?

    “Follow your bliss”
    -Joseph Campbell.

    Cant go wrong with that philosophy. It might not always be easy – but you want to look back when you die and go “yeah, I did what I wanted to do”.

    Otherwise you might not have written your book. I certainly wouldn’t take the time and effort to do this website.

    At times what I do brings in quite a bit of money, others, not so much. Wife and I combined were doing really well before the crash. We live simple with absolutely no debt on anything. I am too fat and seem to have more than I actually need. So I guess that is….being successful ?

  • Might be impressive but I am still poor, maybe I should have concentrated on Credit Default Swaps

  • Thanks for feeding my soul and constantly making me SMILE! :)

  • Hey Nail – naw, the Penob light is still on ! It just blinks at a much slower rate. You missed the last blink, it occurred last Wednesday.


  • That is quite the impressive vitae John – I dont know how you pick up chicks at the bar telling them about that stuff, but it’s very impressive to me. Hahahaha !

  • Wow Randy, a difficult way to make a living, local papers do not pay that much out here. I shoot for local papers sometimes and I am lucky if I make $100 an assignment. Much more profitable to be a chemical engineer, though since American business is moving more and more towards producing paper instead of things that field too is getting pretty lean. More about me at:

  • I work for myself. You may hire my services if you wish heh ! I am just a tiny little company of me. Well, me and my wife. She handles all the tax paperwork blah blah. Photos; I usually do for local papers and also magazines. I shoot weddings here and there. I do graphic design, web design, print work and marketing too. When I am painting a lot, I sell paintings.

  • Randy,

    You are a true artist. Remind me again where you work.


  • Yeah, I forgot about BOD – jaw dropping interior photos. I have a Pencil Points from 1928 showcasing the construction of the building.

    The Guardian rivals anything built on either coast. Sad nothing is being built today with the same level of refinement…

  • Do you know what happened to Forgotten Michigan?
    It seems like it just poofed over night!
    You mentioned Nailhead so I assume you run in the same circles as the admins.

  • Well you need to check out Buildings of Detroit, Dan freakin stood on the roof of the Guardian right next to that ! I dont have that kind of pull.

  • The Guardian Building is one of the most beautiful Deco creations – ever. A close up of the “Beehive” ornamentation would be stunning to see – hint, hint. ;)

  • Thank you for consistently updating your blog, these images help keep Detroit in the front of our minds and deep in our hearts!

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