not all those who wander are lost

I think this banner is quite an accurate depiction of the current conditions downtown….

So at first I tried taking photos that looked like the slumpy banner….

Hahaha !

Anyway, nice shots of our usual friends on sunny days with long lenses… Always fun stuff. Broderick Tower details – you know, they are making lofts out of Broderick – BWAHAHAHA ! Just kidding.. That is just a sign they put up years ago.

Same view, looking back up the street from the other end of the above shot.

The Free Press building.

The beautiful and empty Stott Tower

And the even more beautiful Guardian Building peeking out from behind the Stott.

Grand Army of the Republic hall. (GAR)

The refurbished Fort-Shelby Hotel – this looks quite a bit like Henry Ford Hospital to my eye.

Another fun stacked up distance shot.

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