all who wander are not lost

Every now and then, it is time to turn off the television and take to the streets to actually do something. Today was one of those days. The new Michigan Governor Rick “Tough Nerd” Snyder spoke at the Farmington Chamber of Commerce meeting today in Farmington. We were there to greet him and his guests. A group of pro-Labor, pro-Union, pro-Education folks turned out in good numbers to make the point that the People of Michigan will not be crushed without a fight.

We are not all millionaires, but we still have a voice.


“Tough Nerd” is implementing the same basic program that has been imposed on other midwest states like Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio. “Tough Nerd” is using a slightly different approach; rather than one sweeping labor crushing bill, he is implementing Draconian measures via “death by a million cuts”.

The Chamber way oversold the event, so there was nowhere for Tough Nerd’s Free Market loving guests to park their foreign luxury cars….so you know where they put many of them ? Yep yep – the SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE ! Whaaaaaaa ? Yeah – that “socialist” organization they hate so much.

So when I was done at the protest, I left my sign there for them.

This is the shirt I wore, in solidarity with our Brothers and Sisters in the great State of Wisconsin.

The “Tough Nerd” chose not to face the protesters – he slunk out the back exit and cut through the Social Security office parking lot to make a quick get-away. Whimp.

All this anti-Labor unAmerican activity in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin are all designed and funded from the same source – the Big Five: Walmart, the Koch brothers, Bill Gates, Blackwater (Prince family) and Amway (DeVos family). The goal is very simple and clear: no unions because they tend to vote democratic, and to privatize every single institution in the United States of America.

Who opened the Gates of Hell and let these idiots loose on us ???

Oh – and where has THIS guy been ?????? Here is our illustrious President at North Farmington High School in 2008 using public school teachers – including Mrs. dFunk – as PROPS to get elected, promising to defend against any attacks on collective bargaining.

I am straight up calling you out on this one Mr. President – you are either late to this party, or you lied.

Want to understand the RADICAL nature of this guy rick Snyder and his pay masters ? Check this: