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This time it is the historic Wilbur Wright School that comes under the Adamo wrecking ball.

Here is the main powerstation smokestack coming down.

Here is the powerstation a week before demolition started.

They should have all the inner volumes and smokes stacks down by the morning, and will probably make short work of the facades later today or tomorrow morning.

10 Responses to Razing Wilbur Wright

  • It is pretty much razed at this point. The 1950’s wing housed the power station, and I am sure they dug up those basements for the generators and I-beams.

  • darn , theres still survival crackers left behind good thing i salvaged most of the remaining civil defense cases that remained there was about 7 good cases , but i was going to pay the fallout shelter one last clean out maybe that area is still intact before a complete demo? or is it gone? i wonder where else i can find some stuff in detroit

  • My oldest graduated from there when it was the Detroit HS for the Fine & Performing Arts before the new building went up on Cass. Structure was a wreck, but the staff and kids were great. Damn sad that the schools I attended in Cleveland and NJ are still standing and in use, but all of my daughter’s here (with the exception of Farwell MS) are either shuttered or demoed. :(

  • Should just find a big park to make a huge pile of rubble like they did in Munich.

  • Was still there Saturday, looks like they quit shortly after I finished these photos on Thursday. There is a lot of heavy equipment in the basement level under the power station stack, that I imagine they will pluck out for scrap. Also the remaining machines in the old part of the building up in the corner.

  • No idea what they do with it all…landfill ?

  • Where the heck does all that go once it’s torn down?? Do they truck it to Canada or keep it in-state? Thanks as always for the great pix!

  • A school that was built to live for 100+ years now destroyed. Too bad that it had to go down with all that shitty graffiti on it. Long live Adamo, where is the hummer with the American flag and eagle?

  • No air quality control devices that I could see anywhere on the fence perimeter, either. Just one lonely hose hooked to a fire hydrant.

  • Hmmm… no misters on site? Hello OSHA.

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