not all those who wander are lost

Somewhat happier days; The Luben in August of 2004.

Here it is today – the historic facade completely razed to the ground. But…… the back end of the building is still there ? And it is still on fire ! [as of 2pm] So what was the purpose of the emergency demolition of the facade, which was not burning ?

I have personally never seen a demolition company dispatched before the body was even cold – here they are arriving yesterday morning at about 11am as the DFD was leaving.

Remember when the Studebaker burned down and took Piquette Market with it ? The burned rubble and the burned rotting meat sat there stanking for weeks. You could smell it at Tastefest in New Center that year, when the wind blew in that direction. Smelled like bbq’ed death.

How about Eastown Theater ? That still has “emergency” demo notices posted right on it.

Im just saying….you guys smashed the wrong end, and it is still burning.

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