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The giant jack hammers are still smashing away at what is left of Amelia Earhart school in South West Detroit. I can not imagine living in this neighborhood during this demolition, this building was made of almost pure poured and reinforced concrete. It makes a person wonder what the reasoning is for demolishing something built so strong it looked like it could absorb – and deflect – a 10 megaton blast.

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  • I am so sad to see this! I went to school there in 1970….

  • Well damn – I blew right past that then – Ill have to hit it up for a final shot before they scrap it.

  • I drove past the property today and the propeller is still there. It is the only remnant of the school that remains erect.

  • There is skimpy online references regarding her significance and relationship to the school and even less on the significance of the prop.

    Chalk it up to another lost chapter of Detroit history along with the Donovan building Ampex reel to reel recorders…

  • Randy,

    From my book, the last chapter entitled “The Hydra:”

    Near the end of our talk I asked Frank, a lifetime resident of the City with a
    house near the University of Detroit, what could turn it around, he surprised me in stating, “Nothing, … short of an ecological or political catastrophe that forced the remaining population to congregate within the city to be closer to central
    services.”6 The problems are just too big, the political will too small, and the general public’s understanding of the underlying history seemingly non-existent. Thus, the current plan for urban renewal in Detroit consists of collision with a Near-
    Earth Asteroid and/or the onset of WWIII.


    Randy, I have an interesting photo idea, drop me an email and we can talk about it.

  • The area where the propeller was got wiped out right away. I didnt see it anywhere – but I am very curious where it originated, perchance it was actually off of one of Earharts vehicles ?

  • Love the ghost website of the school – you can hear the wind rustling through the “school news” items that were updated 1 year and 42 weeks ago.

    DPS didn’t even bother saying goodbye…

  • I suppose the airplane prop ended up as a little crumpled ball of metal. Any sign of it, dfunk?

  • why demo it? Why not just let it sit. Do they have plans for the property?

  • I think those mister things are actually to shoo away photographers, cause it gets your lens all wet. Hahahaha !

  • Yeah, sorta ironic in a real sad way. I was kinda thinking that it would suck if there were to be a fire nearby while they were using all the pressure for the mister.

  • Oh look, a rainbow in the mist!! It’s a sign that Detroit’s “Renaissance” is just around the corner!

    Yeah, right.

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