not all those who wander are lost

Everybody knows Detroits most favorite ruined house in Brush Park – the Ransom/Gillis house. It even has a cameo appearance in the beginning of Beverly Hills Cop. Its history is sketchy, but basically it was built by Brush/Mason, owned by Ransom….. Gillis had nothing to do with the home. Apparently Gillis was the next door neighbor and never lived in the Ransom home. Ahwell – that shit happens sometimes.

Well EVERYBODY has the tired ass photos of the outside of this place, so heres the dFUNK exclusive – the interior shots.

The only thing discernible on the inside that is not collapsed or smashed or burned are the first and second floor fireplaces. These are seen looking up from the basement through the collapsed floors.

Do not try this at home kiddies.

The Statler Hotel is not even getting an honorable death – its being nibbled away like so much swiss cheese by angry hungry mice.

Heres a fab fixer upper interior out in the west side- a little paint and some home made crafts and you have yourself a lovely loft ! Starting in the low $200,000.00s

Pedro and I were at Rouge Park and we went through an entire box of ChoreBoy after smoking crack cocaine rocks all afternoon. Heh.

[Seriously, I know of no other practical application for the telltale ChoreBoy copper mesh scrubbers out in the middle of an urban park. Unless they brought some stained cookware with them to wash.]

“wonderlove” – a crudely converted “wonderland music” sign.


Larry the freakin Beaver. I dunno about you, but Im not hiring no beaver to do home improvements – theyd start gnawing on your good wood as soon as you turn your back ! Why not just have a groundhog guard your apple orchard ?


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  • As a matter of fact i did know that

  • There is NOTHING inside it but charred debris. I also suspect that it will be rebuilt not torn down. While much of the soft materials are destroyed, the old school method of construction puts the majority of strength in the triple thick brick walls. In short, it can and probably will be “saved” and rebuilt.

    So stripping the outside articles is a very dodgy prospect, and perhaps dangerous. The owners and developers are at the site regularly, and have rebuilt the fence and cleared debris around the structure in preparation for rehab.

    Did you know the Pewabic company was born in the rear carriage house/stable of RansomGillis ? I thought that was pretty interesting.

  • Is there anything worth stripping inside it?? I been thinking about finding out when the SOB is gonna get torn down, and go in there before hand and strip all the woodwork, and stonework and crap, and maybe the tiles from the turret

  • Easy ? Well theres a hole in the wall and you go in. Its more about death defying – I think. It is pretty fenced up currently, so the developers are bound to move on that structure soon.

  • Woah…. How easy was it to penetrate the ransom gillis?

  • It’s been a few minutes and I’m still laughing about the Larry the Beaver comments. Well played.

  • You got that right WW !

  • The interior Ransom Gillis shot is why you are dFunk