not all those who wander are lost

Heres some things from the facade of the Horace H. Rackham Building in the Cultural Center built in 1940. Harley, Ellington and Day architects. Massive reliefs created by the late Marshall Fredericks.

Rackham was built with generous donations from the Rackham family. Currently there is a debate on the future of Rackham Golf Course next to the Detroit Zoo. Mayor Kilpatrick thinks he can sell the property for development, but the Rackham family dictated that if the golf course ever be shut down, land reverts back to their possession. Meanwhile Huntington Woods is freaking out, trying to stop Mayor Kilpatricks development scheme.

Drama drama drama .

Rich colored sandstone inlay for the grounds

Now lets get to the multiple Fredericks reliefs on the building…

so many of these figures on these buildings seem to be worshiping the automobile – if those people back then had any idea where that would lead this region they may have thought twice about their choice of imagery.

Heres a pretty interesting turn of events – Confucious ?