not all those who wander are lost

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  • Nathan – I did set out to find that house after you mentioned it, but I got sidetracked that day. However, that night it was on the news ! Neighbors and news people had no idea what to make of it of course.

    I think it was the orange guys again. But stealing construction barrels is kinda bullshit – even tho I hate those damn things.

  • About the abandoned house I mentioned in a comment earlier that had orange construction cones affixed to it’s side… don’t bother looking for it. Arsonists have beat you to it.

  • these are awesome. the colors are great–i really like the bright colors against the gray.

  • eastlawn and jefferson near alter

  • these are great photos. i grew up on Eastlawn in the 1950s (third photo). that is Eastlawn and what cross street? so many memories.