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I was told by the folks at Masonic Temple that this is (was) a Prince Hall Masonic Lodge.

Whats that ? The African American branch of Freemasonry.

Check it out:

Ah, but it appears that it is NOT a Prince Hall lodge at all !
Reader Stephen Hill adds this:

The M. W. Mt Sinai Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. is not a Prince Hall Masonic Grand Lodge. The M. W. Mt Sinai Grand Lodge is one of many bogus groups that call themselves Masons.

Prince Hall nor Mainstream Mason recognize these groups.

You can see a list of other bogus groups in Michigan at the Phylaxis Society web site.

Stephen Hill, Sr. FPS
Executive Director Digital Archives
The Phylaxis Society

A-Dub from Faded Detroit commented about this structure when it was part of the Brush Park post. Brought up an interesting history, so the building gets its own post now. This was at one point the original location of Mercy Hall Hospital. (cancer)

Faded Detroit’s post about this building is here:

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This is where it is on Watson Street, near Brush Street.

Virtual Motor City has this image from 1931 when it was still a hospital before it moved to 269 Mack Avenue.

In its time, Mercy Hall gave cancer treatments to those who could not afford to continue traditional treatment. During its time at the 269 Mack location, Mercy Hall was apparently involved in a Radium Loan program. Radium X Rays were used as a cancer treatment for the poor.

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