not all those who wander are lost

Stunned ghetto dog after a collision with a car. He stayed froze for a few minutes and then popped back up and and continued on his way.

Thats gonna hurt when the crack wears off..

WHAAAAA ? MOUNTAIN OYSTERS ? I mean….theyre talking about somethings balls, right ? Gawd..

I cant even guess what a “maw” is.

Just a crazy vision….

2 Responses to Pressed Ghetto Dog

  • Hey there Al, wow- just as suspected. To each his own… I guess. I mean, its all just protien, right ? Ugh.

    You should check out this site by my pal Andrew

    -because of the Canadian thing, not because of the ball thing. lol

  • I’m from Alberta, Canada and I’ve heard of Prairie Oysters. And yes, they’re testicles. In the case of Prairie Oysters, bull testicles. I’ve never heard of mountain oysters though.