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This the Preferred Filter Recycling fire that occurred over the weekend. Now, this fire was bad for several reasons – along with restricted access to the building due to its location, and the volatility of its contents – we have evidence of the issue I just brought up in a recent post – WATER PRESSURE. There was little or none on site when DFD arrived, and the water department was deployed to reroute pressure to the surrounding fire hydrants. This is something I have witnessed at multiple fires, the fire department having to stretch hoses across 5 lane roads to get to a working outlet with pressure. This is a safety issue, as well as a regional water issue of considerable magnitude.

Where is that @#$%$ “stimulus” money from Washington D.C. ? Because the infrastructure in the Metropolitan Detroit Area needs about a trillion dollars…..yesterday.

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HazMat on scene checking to make sure the air quality was awful. I could see and smell this fire at 8 mile and Kelly.

The fire was dangerously close to this White Castle, which would have created a REAL HazMat situation if it burned !

This is right across Gratiot from City Airport (and Gethsemane Cemetery) so some of the planes had to dodge the plume while coming in for a landing.

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  • I hear you pdtpuck – it seems we have been so busy “nation building” around the world since GWBush declared “NO NATION BUILDING” during the election following the Clinton Administration (referring to Haiti) that we no longer build our own nation. It boggles the mind.

  • Watched a show on The History Channel today called “The Crumbling of America.” Truly scary and depressing how much EVERY part of America is falling apart!

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