now with even more funk !

Former police station out on Fort Street – looks like its being rehabbed for future use..

This place has some fantastic details on it..

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  • Hi Sara –

    Well, I do run into people and explorer crews in the buildings all the time. The Forgotten Michigan crew, the Survival Crackas crew – Ive run into David Kohrman before and also Buildings of Detroit guy.

    I may have seen you before you saw me in the past – hahahaha ! There was a few times in the Packard when people passed me by. I was there once with my group (The Wrecking Crew) and some guys and girls passed by. We just stayed back and let them pass.

    I dont explore things inside nearly as much these days, many are gone or rehabbed, and Ive sustained one too many injuries from climbing etc. But if you read the “From Melbourne to Detroit” post youll see just how many different people you might run into any given day. An Australian, somebody from Texas, somebody from Oklahoma, a Canadian, the Forgotten Mich crew – it was like a parade in the MCS that day.

  • “looks like its being rehabbed for future use…”

    Is that kind of like the train station? [insert sarcasm here]

    Do you ever wonder how “we” (aka the unknown number of people of who find joy in photographing the things/places that most others pretend not to see) never run into each other? I do. Although I wasn’t aware of you’re site back during my regular plant expo days, I find it interesting now that in all the places I’ve been, that I see now that you’ve been, there was never another soul there when I was there. Just odd observation.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Great shots, but where are those awesome “Keystone Cop-” looking gargoyles, like on the other police stations you’ve featured before? :)