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This is a fantastic building in downtown Pontiac, I have no data on it whatsoever – not even its original name. The indian figures that line the top of the building are splendid, anybody know the sculptor or architect ? (AIW Im looking in your direction!)

[Alexandra adds: I contacted the Pontiac Historic District Commission and here is what they said so far about the building: “It was called the People’s State Bank. It was erected in the late 1920s. It eventually became the Pontiac State Bank which became part of the National Bank of Detroit in 1980’s. When BankOne bought the National Bank of Detroit, they decided to close the branch in dowtown Pontiac. The building was sold to a developer in the late 1990’s and is currently used mostly for professional services companies.]

DAMN Thanks Alexandra ! Now THATS an informative response.. Still curious bout the architect and sculptor involved.


Cool detailed designs

This dude is over the main archway

Rear lit stained glass torches echo the torches held by the indians lining the to pof the structure.

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