not all those who wander are lost

6 Responses to Points of View

  • The third picture is kind of funny to me it looks like the apartments have steeples. I like the last one also some one had a sense of humor adding trees and making it mor pleasent for everybody.

  • Your work of late has been striking! Well done….

  • Yes, the Downtown Synagogue once owned by the Agree family.(As in Charles Agree)I believe it was built to honor their father (or grandfather) and at one time may have been named for him.

  • Love that first pic… It’s just striking.

  • You got it Mario – thats the Downtown Synagogue – so businessmen from out of town staying in the once great hotels of Detroit could walk to Temple. Next time you go by it check the doors, the handle is shaped like a Star of David.

  • I have always LOVED that building with the colored glass. Such a simple and fun way to add color and interest.
    It will be a sad day if the windows are ever replaced.
    knock on wood.
    Me thinks it was a synagogue?
    Great pics!