now with even more funk !

Went to Cass Cafe last night to check out local DJ Mike Woo. This guy is hands down one of the best in Metro Detroit. I was blown away by the entire performance.

Mike is a friend of ‘notathemepark‘ who did the slideshow during the performance.

No website to list here, but it is currently under development. When you get a chance come down to check out Mikes set

refreshing and mesmerizing.

There is a very compelling show up right now called “inter nos” featuring some very strong local artists: Tom humes, Azucena Nava-Moreno, Peter Palazzola.

I am not reproducing artworks out of respect for the artists involved, but take a minute or grab some lunch at Cass Cafe and check out this show. I am specifically a long time fan of Azu’s work, which only gets stronger and more resonant each time I see it.