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Here on the former E.M.F. / Studebaker company grounds is the newly built Veterans Administration’s “Piquette Square”.

Here is a description of the facility:

The mixed-use development will consist of 150 units in a four-story building providing single–bedroom units for homeless veterans, 10,000 square feet of supportive services and 5,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground level. The building will be constructed in a U-shape that will surround a central outdoor courtyard area. Each unit will be equipped with minimal furnishing and include a bed, dresser, night stand, kitchen table with two chairs, couch and table, and residents will be provided with a care package upon move-in. The support services coordinated by Southwest Housing will include life skills, mentoring, employment and job opportunity training, as well as mental health services, to be provided when needed.

A very good project, something that is over due – we need about 2000 more of these around the country.

The facility sits on the area where Piquette Market was. The rest is still wide open.

Here is the site during construction.

4 Responses to Piquette Square

  • That gray building looks like the “flak towers” built in Germany during Wordl War II.

    These were buildings which had spotlights and to shoot flak at allied bombers as they flew over the German cities to drop their payloads (bombs).

    So I really wonder what is the puropse of that building.

  • We were told on our Piqutte tour that the “locals” did not want this to go up…?? What’s up with that?
    A desire to farm brownfields for old steel? The words “homeless veterans” could mean trouble for the buildings long-term viability, imho. Starts out great, but goes downhill fast, when non-caring people get in place. It will need a strongman to run it…

  • Last time I drive by, not yet. With the freezing weather, hopefully they’ll hurry up.

  • Thanks for the bastone commment. I must have hit them on a bad day. Will try again for sure. Is this facility open already?

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