not all those who wander are lost

No really, I can not make this stuff up. Its called “Pharty Hard”.

Now, perhaps the owners read that as “par – TAY”, but I’m still reading that as “FAR -tee”.

And he’s only charging $5 per “cut”.


6 Responses to Pharty Hard !

  • Hmmm…bet they only sell barber shop quartet records.

  • The “ph” always has an “f” sound. Maybe they meant to mash Phat and Party together, but really…ew! What do they cut in there for five dollars? Cheese? j/k

  • Leno still does the headlines bit on his new show.

    Pharty Hard, I guess that means there is a “Party Hard” Barber Shop and Records somewhere around here. That or the owners just like to…..

  • Yeah, that was on the Tonight Show – Jay Leno doesnt do the Tonight Show any more.

  • My son reads its as Fartee too!
    Looks like something you’d see on the Jay Leno show, maybe you should send it in. LOL!

  • Seems like a more appropriate name for a chili joint!

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