not all those who wander are lost

Pewabic Pottery had its annual yard sale this week. We stopped by to poke around – and basically to lust after the various ceramic goodies. We chose to leave all methods of payment behind as art is not in our budget this summer.

Theres a tent out in the front lot filled with display tables.

Inside, people familiar with Pewabic may be surprised to see the new floor layouts. The front gallery space is gone, and the counter and register is moved to the front area. This allows for more comprehensive display of work on the merchant level.

Heres a friend of ours from CCS – Jennifer Everett. She has a regular display of work in the Pewabic store. Jen was Mrs dFUNKs roommate in college in her last year there at the Art Center apartments.

Jen is originally a Maine girl, and was only visiting us for her education.

Her work in school was kickin’, but now she is a tight ass pro and her work is near perfect. Given the resources I would buy everything by her I came across.

I love the imprints she does, and her glazes are sophisticated but understated. I have a small Jen piece sitting at my desk right here as I am typing.

Upstairs is now a straight gallery space with more room to breathe. Very effective, the rearrangement must have had some thought go into it.

In the back they were giving small lectures on the various workstations. I love looking at the kiln room and all the drying racks.

Note how this style of kiln lowers down over the shelves rather than being static.

Back outside there were more demonstrations going on.

Pewabic is always a great place to stop and visit. Maybe you need a little art fix, or need to buy a little something to brighten up your life a bit – or like I always do its a great place to buy great gifts.

And Kwame Kilpatrick hasnt tried to bulldoze it yet !

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