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4 Responses to Pershing Street Wall

  • “Family” probably refers to a group of painters. (Gang people usually aren’t artists)

    Says: “Fame aint shit without your family” – that could also be an inside joke or pop culture reference. Painters tend toward trying to be witty like that.

    Southwest is primarily mexican-american.

  • Is this a black or a mexican neighborhood?
    These guys seem pretty creative..note one says:
    “you aint’ shit without your family”
    I would like to think he means real family,
    but it’s probably reference to a gang?

  • lol

    What show are you talking about ?

    Yeah – some of the wild style stuff is local. We DO have a few good painters – in southwest especially.

  • Nice. Best I have seen in this area in a while. Now just wait until amature hacks like elmer, porab and paid, and etc. paint their garbage tags over this. Would love to see certain tags disappear.

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