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I went back to Pershing High to see what the clock on that building looks like – and it’s very nice.

Does Denby have one too ? Are these on all the public high school designs from this era ? That is a cool attribute to the buildings, and also quite practical.

I guess if you designed this clock today you would have to have a giant terracotta cell phone up there to get people to even look up at it. Everybody these days are a bunch of shoe gazers – always staring at their precious little mobile devices. (‘cept a brave few who avoid those type of relationships altogether.)

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  • I went to Cooley on the west side and they too had a clock in the middle of the building on the front side.

    They also have a bunch of great carvings all over the building. The must see is the tops of the building over the doors. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  • I remember the clock, when I used that entranceway when I went to Eldies, our study hall, or sat in the car on Binder with a girl friend, can someone rememberthe other soda place closer to Ryan. Graduate 1958 class, should have been 57, to much time at Eldies.

  • Yeah – I had to stop and do something real quick at 4:20. heh.

  • the clock strikes 4:22, a couple minutes late, were ya?

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