not all those who wander are lost

“EXCUSE ME!………Can you do me a favor ?! You need to buy me a personal pan pizza with pepperoni… LOOK IM JUST TRYING TO GET SOME FOOD HERE !! ”


If I had money for a personal pan pizza with pepperoni that day, I would have been eating one.

2 Responses to People Watching

  • Yeah – he was pissing on everything, cracking me up. Capitol Park area behind Book Caddy.

    My neighbor had those dogs since I was a kid, they bark like a machinegun.

  • Hmmm…that dog is in 2 of the fotos, and is the exact pet I have, a “spitz”. I hope he’s not a stray, they are real ‘people dogs’, i think a pack of ghettodogs would kill him, IF he can be caught, they move really fast! You could go back, and get him to sell on
    Chicks love these dogs!

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