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Peninsular Paper Dam, Ypsilanti Michigan

Peninsular Paper Dam is on the Huron River in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Construction was completed in 1867. At normal levels it has a surface area of 66 acres. It is owned by the City Of Ypsilanti.

Peninsular Paper Dam is a gravity dam. Its height is 21 feet with a length of 250 feet. Maximum discharge is 14940 cubic feet per second. Its capacity is 800 acre feet. Normal storage is 370 acre feet. It drains an area of 802 square miles.

The smoke stack in that condo complex is from the paper factory.

CLICK HERE to see a similar vantage point from 1916

3 Responses to Peninsular Paper Dam

  • I thought the same thing, why wouldn’t they use the existing structure for electricity production ?

    No – thats not a wheel chair, its just some type of overhead crane in the powerhouse.

  • Sad to see the capabilities for power generation going’s a hydro-plant just waiting for some turbines, better than wind any day! Around here there are “peaker” plants that were built a few years ago, mostly by western Europeans..ugly as sin, powered by natural gas, designed to run in heavy demand days (summer A/C). Can’t go fishing there!

  • Is that a wheel chair in the rafters?

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