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If you live in my area, I am asking you to vote for Pam Green for the Farmington Public Schools Board of Education on November 6th 2018.

She was the principal at Kenbrook Elementary where my kids went, and I can testify first hand that she is a child advocate in a very literal fashion. My story is too personal to share, but she helped my family when nobody else in the FPS district would, and I will never forget her for that. We had several candid conversations about how great the Farmington Public School District could be, and in spite of my skepticism Pam stood firm on how proud she was of this District. I was angry when she retired for purely selfish reasons, and I hope she understood that. I felt abandoned when we still needed so much, but Pam Green has come back and is now asking to help run things from the top.

The FPS Board of Education needs leadership which honestly and demonstrably advocates for children and does not create an adversarial relationship with parents/taxpayers. We need a Board member who will help create an environment that may attract new hire teachers and make sure we do not abuse and lose them during their first year. Our children need solid teachers and stable programs which are properly equipped and supported by the administration. Our District now needs stability.

My first reaction upon hearing about Pam’s candidacy is that I wanted to sit down with her for just three minutes and state my primary concerns about the FPS district. After that, I read through all her positions and what she hoped to accomplish if she gets elected to the Board. Each one of my concerns, and more, were all addressed more clearly than I could have hoped to.

Enough said, she has my vote, and I am asking you to check her out before you make your decision on November 6th.

CLICK HERE for Pam Green’s Oakland County election page

Thanks for listening, everybody
From the Hills of Farmington

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