not all those who wander are lost

Fat Tuesday at the Dutch Girl !

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  • I think Tim was referring to the territory _south_ of 7 Mile, which is more “scorched”, while the part you refer to is more vacant. On Google Street View, the zigzag tour between John R and Woodward along Hildale, Goldengate, and Robinwood makes a surreal contrast.

  • Yeah, all the way from State Fair to 7 Mile, that hood is scorched.

  • I like both too, but im an artist not a writer, so here you get the pretty pictures. lol

    Nail – your stuff is pretty much right in between. Lots of both.

  • What the hell happened 3 blocks south of this place???
    West Robinwood must be THE most blighted residential neighborhoods in the USA!

  • Thanks, and yeah, I agree – detroitblog is a great site which is why I worked on it for free. I actually originally designed my site as an antithesis to the detroitblog formula, which is to have a lot of photos and not much copy to read through, as opposed to detroitblog which can be rather wordy.

  • Sorry to hear it, man. You both produce some absolutely stunning material!

  • Yeah – I actually designed and maintained the site for years. We are not friends anymore though.

  • Shameless plug for DetroitBlog, my other Detroit daily read:

    (Keep up the amazing work, dF! :) )

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