not all those who wander are lost

Steel I-beams cut out from under one of the massive Packard Plant two lane car overpasses – with predictable results.

Catastrophic failure.

What must be several tons of steel reinforced concrete, just laying flat across Bellevue Street below..

2 Responses to Packard Scrap Attack

  • Oh I know – the guy I was with was asking how in the world people would go about doing such things. Portable cutting torches and a lot of fucking patience.

    I wonder if the massive deflation we are undergoing lately is taking the heat out of the scrapping industry.

    I supposed they were scrapping before the prices went up…Hey, just think how much more the guys who did Lee Plaza would have made if they had waited until last summer to scrap that roof ! Probably 20k USD more.

  • Woah. What kind of cajones must you have to cut out structural beams above your head when that could fall on ya.

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