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The Packard Motel

Nice smogline shot.

This moss on the floor has been in national publications ! Its famous moss.

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  • Watched ABC World News Sunday evening, April 18. They were doing a story on the ruins of Detroit. They featured the Michigan Depot and Packard Plant. On the Packard Plant, they had video (probably from youtube) about some people rolling a truck (on the third floor) out and crashing down below. Not good for the image of Detroit.

    Then in another video short on the same ABC News, they had someone pushing a refrigerator out of a multi-story apartment bldg. and crashing down below. I wonder if it was the same people.

  • hairysasquatch, in answer to your question,

    3.dime bags
    4.cap to the ass examination by Dr.Schmidt, 1300 E. Warren…

  • Of course I had been wondering what the devil that top area had been for – thanks Nail. That is odd – perhaps that was a design studio area.

  • What do they get for a night at the Packard Motel?

  • lol – no, my car wasnt at the motel. i think i parked it next to the welfare office that day.

  • Is that your ride at the motel? Ha!
    This foto-venture looks terrifying, damn…

  • Rolling Stone magazine mentioning in this months issue Mayor Bing’s plan to “bulldoze one fourth of the city”. They put that in the ‘positive’ column.

  • Yes – this is not only an AKA design, the last three photos are in the area where Building #10 is, the original steel re enforced concrete structure that all modern construction worldwide is based on. Kinda important – yes.

    I think it is emblematic of Detroit’s history of destroying its history. Not sure you can place this as the epicenter of Detroit’s decline tho.

    Seems if it wasn’t for bad luck..Detroit would have no luck at all.

  • Dfunk. Are these Kahn buildings? I was a kid when Packard gave up the ghost. I find it hard to believe that a site as valuable as this must have been has been allowed to get to such a state. Is this where Detroit’s problems began?

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