not all those who wander are lost

I toured the Packard the other day with the crew, but it was probably more about humoring me than them wanting to go that day. So I headed back today to do the whole monster alone.

I headed in and climbed to the top of one of the taller regions before sunset.

I started on the southern tip and went through floor by floor over to the northern end. The plant is nearly a mile long, so it was a several mile hike in a short time. Turns out everyone is interested in something different in this place, therefore it takes longer with other guys, which I really dont mind. I got through alone in one long surgical strike to get business done though.

It was peacful/creepy/scary/fun being alone in the beast. Creaky floors and echoes make it hard to be stealth in there.

Giant assembly lines.

The building was pretty frozen in the 12 degree F michigan winter. Its sort of like being on the moon or in zero atmosphere or something. Doesnt bother me at all. (Nordic blood.)

4 Responses to Packard Plant Sunset

  • Yeah Eric, AIWs right.

    They use the old office along Woodward for storage. My fatherinlaw says all the office equip and furniture is in there, and if you need something thats where Ford sends you.

    The plant looks pretty active too, although there is a little secret if you head east on Manchester – the corner lot building in the back (across from the chrome plating company) is the very first structure where Ford implimented the assemby line in full. Its closed up tight and has razor wire in all windows. Nobodys going in there !

    I hear they are dusting it off along with the Piquette Ford plant for museums.

    Hey AIW, Ill be emailing back with more details about the photogig. Its going to work out great, Im excited. Tell the “boss” Ill be getting back to her at the beginning of the week. TY

  • Eric, as far as I know Ford HP is still partially occupied… Good luck :)

  • Me again. Having been in some of the plants (this time last year)I wonder which has the most equipment still in place? I know the upper floor of Fisher 21 has the paint drying equipment. I don’t think I have ever seen current photos of the interior of Highland Park (Ford). Mabye a “self giuded tour” is required…hint.


  • Thanks for all the great auto plant photos over the year. Looking forward to more Packard posts. Eric from Florida.