A place more trodden than Fisher Body #21, the mighty Packard Plant.

Fortunately, the property is well protected by around the clock guards…..hello ?

Hello ? ?

Ahwell, let’s take another walk through this virtual indoor explorer park of abandonment.

SNWEB ! ( Hey, new design, that looks pretty good..Cool HDR stuff as well)

Front office staircase

The ColdMan !

Remaining egg and dart ceiling details

Nuff of the office areas, let take a stroll through the factory areas.

Massive assembly line areas

Have a seat. relax awhile…

Discontinued bridge over the rail tracks – hey, anyone know if this building on the other side of the tracks is Albert Kahn’s famous Building #10 ? ? It has no corner stones like some of the other buildings.

Building #10 is the one of the first reinforced concrete structures in Western Civilization since the fall of Rome. Yeah, you’d think they’d put up a plaque or something…

[according to Ren Farley, the very first structure using the reinforced concrete design was the Palms Apartment Building at 1001 Jefferson.]

Its amazing that #10 was built in 1905, and by 1911 they were already on building #32 !

We’ll take a look at parts of the Packard on the other side of Grand Boulevard tomorrow.

6 Responses to Packard Plant Review

  • The following is picked from the old car factories thread on detroityes.

    “The northern part of the Packard plant, from East Grand boulevard North is the older part of the plant, the office building dates to the 1907 expansion, as a two story building, then a few years later the upper floors were added. The portion along Concorde to the Edsel Ford freeway was built in 1942 for the production of Rolls-Royce Merlin aircraft engines. After the was that space became engineering and styling.
    The portion south of the boulevard was built largely in 1934-5 for the production of car bodies for the “120” and “110” models–their assembly line ran down the east side of that building while the big cars still had a U-shaped assembly line on the first floor of the north portion of the plant. There was a powerhouse where the supermarket building stands today on the south side of the blvd and there was a foundry and forge that was demolished to make way for the I-94 ditch. It stood right where the freeway is today.”

  • AIW has the full Sanborns, I’ll have him take a looksee.

    So the building that used to have the guards with the main entryways and offices is #10?

  • ahahaha i saw one of my “FUCK DR. Z” tags in your pics…my campaign must’ve worked, because right after that–bye bye Dieter! :)

    also, that blg you were talking about with the discontinued bridge over the RR trax…thats NOT blg 10, but it is part of Packard. in fact there’s a couple other Kahn blgs just down EGB that were Packard offices/shops(?) and you can explore those too.

    Blg 10 is the largest blg in the complex, i believe…its the one with the monstrous main corridor and all the wings branching off it. i wish i had some clear sanborns because they do indicate which blg is which, i believe.

    another thing of note is that all the blgs are not consecutively numbered; i am not sure though what the rationale was for numbering. in the main switch room (the one marked “PCB”, haha), you can see all the old school Frankenstein-esque knife switches for the power in the various blgs, most of which are labeled by blg number.

  • Ah, that place is such an immense pile of shit, I dont believe anybody would get upset by that. There are some areas that look like they might be reusable, but that sure wasnt one of em.

  • Thanks yo.

    Just an FYI, old rusty spray can was sitting on the ground, and I just wrote my URL on a generic white cinderblock wall. Hope it doesn’t offend anyone, I as usually don’t par-take in such vandalism.

  • was every photographer/explorer in southeast michigan at packard last weekend?