not all those who wander are lost

The circle is around a portion that is collapsing onto Concord street below.

5 Responses to Packard Plant Fire

  • i work there in nov remove all the wood and tile and my time walking around and seen all the s**t in there iv been waiting for this to helpin . in sum spot it was 6 feet of s**t .i walk 85% of the plant and its is really bad and need to come down . its was the coolset job that i worked on !

  • Thats good to know that DFD isn’t risking their life on a very dangerous building such as this. Oh and no problem, your photos are awesome on this site. As a matter of fact, I had to save that first photo of that debris as my wallpaper! Keep up the great work!

  • CLICK HERE to see a photo of the upper floor from March 2010 – this shows the amount of debris up there.

    CLICK HERE to see an example of the plastics that are burning in that area.

  • You know Robert, I dont think they mind too much – the DFD no longer enters the property or tries to extinguish fires in the Packard complex. Too many tunnels under the roads that could collapse under the weight of the fire trucks.

    So they just sit and watch it when it burns. Its like “demolition by controlled burn”.

    btw – thanks a million Robert, couldnt keep the site going without the readers who help out so much.

  • Wow, I feel bad for the DFD firemen who have to waste their time on this place every time a fire is set. BTW, are the fire hydrants still in working order around this area? Just sad to see the place in it’s current condition.

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