now with even more funk !

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  • ahahaha

    yeah once we ran into scrapper guy driving his checvy around on the 5th floor in the north end…i dont think those barricades are much deterrent.

    ive seen the same guy yanking huge iron drain pipes out of the blg by a chain wrapped around the frame of said Chevy, then gunning the engine & dumping the clutch

  • Witaminute…. dumbass detroitfunk sent scrambling for online dictionary when confronted by nailheds superior vocabulary …………..

    THE DANGLY TRUCK was on fire ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Is there another one I missed or did I happen to have gone there to photograph the same truck last night ?

  • Ahahaha ! The “recent” fire, that is.

    It was on fire last night ???? Jeez, I was there again last night, hope I didnt ignite something by mistake.

    I just popped in and out to get the dangly truck photo. Day before, dudes in a black pickup came down the main road when I was in there. I dont know where they came in, but they started at the entry and were driving north towards where I was. I didnt feel like dueling with any shotgun wielding guards so I hightailed it into the building. I came back through on an upper floor and went out the front door, and the truck was sitting at the entrance.

    Dunno how he moved the cement barricades to go in and out tho.

  • ahaha “after the last fire”…that statement is never not true

    it was on fire again tonite (well the half-defenestrated dumptruck in the north end was anyway).

  • Whew, looks really dangerous around here…

  • Outdoor human’s nest. Its on the sidewalk under one of Packards overpasses.

  • what’s with the table full of crap?

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