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This is some drywall with scorch marks, left over from the Transformers 3 people when they were filming propane explosions on the roof.

These last two photos are areas where buildings have been completely demolished and harvested for steel. The area in this photo is where the first Banksy (at 555 gallery now) was located, right about in the center of the frame. The City of Detroit has declared that no demolition permits have been issued for the Packard site.

This is another area where large steel buildings have been dismantled and harvested for scrap.

According to the Detroit Free Press and the City of Detroit, nobody has been paying any property taxes on any of the Packard site in over 4 years.

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  • Christine, I think that is when we were there. I was showing an out of town photographer around.

  • Lovely! I just went there on November 19th! :D

  • There is a demolition company demolishing buildings on the Packard site right now, and they are harvesting steel from the buildings. Problem is, nobody bothered to get permits from the city. Oooops.

    They need to determine who owns it all before anyone can be granted demolition permits.

  • Great shots. I wish there were not so many places in Detroit like this … I wonder if a demo company would do the work for what they could get out of the scrap and other materials in the building?

  • In pictures #13&14, there is that 4 story building with the metal walkway, over the r.r. tracks. Was this part of the Packard complex at one time? It looks as if it connected to the buildings, that were torn down ( in late 90’s?). Also, the addition , on the north end along Concord ( for Merlin production), seems to be in very good shape. What is this being used for? Thank You .

  • Wait till the scrappers cut away the supporting structure under the water tower!

  • I wonder who the film company paid rent to? Who was that last company, that finishing company, paying rent to, if anyone?

  • So… think we’re heading past the condo-coversion stage here!?

    More seriously the lens looks great for the panorama shots – do you ever change lenses inside buildings? If so how do you keep the crap out of the CCD?

  • George – yes, that is the former design studio, sits on top of the highest floor of the office building in the corner.

  • Is pictures #2 and #12 of the same structure; that penthouse on top of the 7 story building? Thanks.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! Love these!!

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