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Packard Plant developments: there are none. It should be condemned by the City of Detroit and demolished unless the owner shows plans and financing in a reasonable time frame. But it won’t, because Detroit.

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  • The grave yard seems to be nice; having said that, I fear that more than five security guards will be needed just to protect the old administration building. I guess a lot of wise cracks will be made about the source of the funds to remodel this disaster. GMAC used to have a auto auction I visited as a car dealer from time to time. Had a chance to explore the administration building in the mid 70’s when Packard Properties were running the property as a low end industrial park that just could never get going.

    My late grandfather worked there during the depression through 1953 when Packard merged with Studebaker, thankfully the UAW saved his job and I am not sure but he went to work in Dallas, TX at the former Ford assembly plant. Tens of thousands of immigrants from eastern Europe were recruited at Ellis Island. Packard had a program to teach “green horns” English.

    Many anecdotes could be shared by others. The real shame is that had the roof only been maintained this building would be standing today, of course the “copper miners” contributed to the demise of this Kahn designed building.

    I wish them luck but to be a real Detroiter one has to have a sense of world weary cynicism.

  • buff marks as far as the eye can see LOL

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