not all those who wander are lost

I rode my bike into town again, which I do now probably twice a week. I was headed for Tastefest – when what do I see ? The Packard Plant on fire !

I guessed Packard would burn after the Studebaker and everyone dismissed me because its all reinforced concrete. Well looks like I won the guessing game ! It was put down almost immediately and did not spread across the complex. Thanks to the firefighters quick response anyway.

I have absolutely no other information about the fire other than this is where it was located in the complex. Just inside the courtyard past the guard station in the oldest part.

I ageed with John that the UA was better candidate, but here it is…..Im uh, not going to make any more predictions just to be safe.

5 Responses to PACKARD BURNING

  • Ray – I did in fact tour Trinity cemetary last time I came through on my bike.

  • Good roof trees in the first picture.

  • Excellent shots. That reminds me – Packard had a vacation mansion in my hometown, which has since been converted to apartments/condos. I might try to get a few shots the next time I visit.

  • Good shots of the Packard plant. Hope you said hello to my ancestors planted in Trinity Cemetery across the street.
    Sure enjoy your postings. Your eye for a good photo is professional in quality.
    Ray D (Detroit 1936-1984; Las Vegas since ’84)

  • DAMN! Look at the rsty water. I bet it’s been decades since water flowed through those pipes…

    At least the hydrants work.