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Building 92 (Tool & Die) is now completely flattened and this is the current view of the north end from Trinity Cemetery

Here are two shots of Building 92 as seen from Trinity how it looked in 2005.

Here is 92 before demolition began, seen from the facade.

These are the new views of the now unobstructed other buildings in the complex.

2 Responses to Packard Building 92 is Razed

  • This one was falling down from the center out – personally I suspect Adamo was prepping it for scrap demolition by taking out key supports, but there is no way to know for sure. So the facade was caving in as well. You have to go back to about 2004 to see 92a with the full facade intact. It should never have come to any of this, it is a classic case of demolition by neglect at the very least.

  • In my opinion, they should’ve kept the brick facade pieces(like they did in downtown), and built a different building behind it.

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