all who wander are not lost

Here is the building I am shooting from, the Jacobs Apartments, along John R. Street.

I shot these last night while the Lions played a pre-season game at Ford Field, and Kid Rock held two concerts at Comerica Park.

Ford Field.

This is the carnival thing they had going on outside Comerica Park.

Some house shots – Ransom Gillis

Looking east toward I-75, Eastern Market and the Brewster – Douglas projects.

Brewster – Douglas projects.

North up John R. Street towards the Medical Center

Masonic Temple on the right, Motor City Casino in the center and the Eddystone on the left.

West towards Woodbridge

Southwest – Ambassador Bridge, Zug Island

Urban farming on the corner of John R and Alfred.

Rear lightwell of the Jacobs building.

This is the side view of the Jacobs, which faces north.

Those ants look just like people from this close…..

2 Responses to On Top of Brush Park

  • nice spot.

    i had wanted to go find a rooftop in Grand Circus to listen to the Kid Rock show, but i got lazy & decided to spend the weekend at Fort Wayne mowing grass instead, ahahaha

  • I would so love to do this! Just don’t want to leave my car to the thugs!