not all those who wander are lost

Just bits and pieces from around the town today – starting with a band jamming on Woodward to folks waiting for a bus.

The corner of Woodward and I-75 that used to contain the Motown Center – Donovan/Sanders buildings is now being dug up so it can be leveled properly for development. Apparently the job they did for Superbowl was temporary.

Wait – whats that I see mixed in with the debris being dug from the two basement holes ?

Thats right folks, piles of Motown documents that were buried in the basements after the hasty demolition. So many that the rubble is just filled with paper. Even from a distance, the “MOTOWN” logos were clearly visible.

Look at the view now without Hotel Statler – just gaping.

Over in Brush Park we see new signs popping up taking credit for the redevelopment in this hood. Hmmm..

Brush Park Conservatory of Music and Fine Art ?

Check it out :

Someday – hopefully – it’ll wind up right here on Edmund Place.

Im wondering if they are actually going to rehab “Noface” ?

Another Kwamesign taking credit for BP rehab.

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  • just read this cool article on Plum St. a few month ago – nice old pics too! :o)
    it gives the exact location and if you go type in that area into Google Earth you’ll notice that all houses on that block have been torn down due to highway construction most likely.

    here’s the link:

  • Funny you should mention Edmund Place. My friend is the owner of that building and renovation was to have started a week or two ago. Here is a link to her website that will follow the professional restoration.

  • Plum Street used to be a hippie district down in the south Cass Corridor area if I remember correctly. I know a few people who used to hang out in the area with John Sinclair.

  • Thank you. I just want to tell you again how much I enjoy your site. Incidently, I grew up by Kelly and Morang-not far from Gratiot and 10 Mile, which is where I think the Plum Pit is. They had another store, too, where I bought my favorite purple suede jacket.

  • Jayne –

    Not far from where I live over on Gratiot – is a store called “The Plum Pit”. Its what used to be called a “head shop” – a place to by devices for smoking alternative recreational materials. Plum Pit moved from its original 1960’s location downtown on Plum Street.

    Info courtesy of “Big Bully”: dFUNKs uncle who helped raise the funk when Daddyfunk split.

  • Did you ever hear of an area called Plum Street? It was a street downtown that had really nice homes and stores, but I don’t know if its there anymore.

    Kwame is smart to put up the signs. Otherwise people might get the idea that he is all talk! This way, next election, he can point to all of the (same) signs as evidence of the big plans he has for the city. Like the new police dept.