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One of my regular readers used to live in this upstairs apartment at the corner of Nottingham and Mack Avenue. This is right next to the Village Idiot Pub, way on the EastSide. He asked me to swing by and shot some photos of the building, so I thought Id put hem up.

It is a modest little building, but has a bit of “castle” flair to it, which is always cool. Several structures along Nottingham have a similar castle look to them.

Mug shots:

The corner building looks pretty good still, but as you move further down the block past the Idiot Pub, you can see the building at the other corner is not doing as well. (alley view)

4 Responses to Nottingham

  • Before the cornor was a laundrymat, then a Subway, then a private Gym, now it looks like it just sits.

    If you are interested in the older history I can find out, my great grandmother lived 3 houses away and my father remembers a gas station across the street (still on the Detroit side) blew up. If you (or anyone else) are interested in other things I can ask.

  • Agreed, neat little building. What was there before?

  • No problem Rj – sorry it took awhile to get her up there. It is an interesting little building.

  • What a GREAT WAY to wakeup and check your site !


    And wow, it looks WAY WAY WAY different.

    Thank you !