not all those who wander are lost

Just look at this amazing blown out apartment complex in the Norwest section of town.

How wonderful it must have been to have an apartment in a structure like this – while its not as cool as your own home, at least they kept the various spaces unique and engaging.

Little details and shapes catch your attention at every turn.

Moorish influenced archways

Every angle view of this place is another suprise for the eyes. Its an understatement to say simply “they dont make em like this anymore”. Compared to the crap construction disposable postmodern geometric boxes they build today, these places are nothing short of mind blowing.

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  • korey –

    I believe its on Boston just west of Linwood. Detroits North side headed west a bit. Its near an area called New Center, not so far from the Fisher Building. Nearest abandoned landmark is the Lee Plaza apartment building – Lawton and Grand Boulevard. Cant miss it.

  • Where is this Apartment? I will be visiting your city from colorado soon, and want to do some site seeing of old buildings.

  • Great website! Thanks for preserving in photography what, in many cases, won’t be there much longer.

    I’ll be adding a link to your site from mine.

    Eileen –

  • Thanx for that input Leo, I was wondering if he was responsible for these structures. I have three or four more I’ll be posting soon from that same neighborhood. Also in that hood is a warehouse that I posted last summer that he designed. Has the corner tower structures just like Grande.

    Im throwing your link up right now…

  • Interesting building. Grande Ballroom Architect Charles Agree’s firm did literally dozens of these apartnent buildings all over town in the 20’s and 30’s. The “Moorish Deco” adornments remind me of his Vanity and Grande ballrooms.

  • A developer for the apartment across from that one ownes the caddy. I do not hang with Pedro any longer. Not sure why he liked hanging out with me, cause it turns out he couldnt stand me. Ahwell. . . I can understand that, I am an odd character.

  • Is that someone’s Cadillac we see in the last picture? What happened to driving around with Pedro?

  • Too bad the inside was not as nice as the outside. I went in that building in 1998 to meet some chick & it was crackhead heaven. Hookers, kids running around the place, open crack smoking, it was a scary place.

  • I just dropped in this corner and I must say I adore these pictures and the buildings captured in them! So much beauty! I will be checking this site out quite often. Good job!