not all those who wander are lost

5 Responses to NOIR

  • Oh yeah, Im a big fan of the Skew tool. I wouldnt go straightening out every photo with it though. Wide angle is what it is. I usually like the effect, but in some contexts its a bit confusing.

  • “Leaning” buildings can be straightened somewhat in Photoshop using the Transform Function.

  • Hahah ! It could be, but no, its not leaning. Wide angle lens with a subject close up compared to object in the distance; increases the bent glass distortion of the wide angle. Really good ones can compensate for a lot of that bending – ah but mine is just an average W/A lens.

  • The house in the second to the last pic, is it leaning?

  • I am not sure if I am looking at detroit or Nagasaki after the atomic bomb.