not all those who wander are lost

Sign of the times.

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  • Thanks Brian, always good to talk to expats around the country. Man, wish I was living where you are – hahah !

    Well, Detroit is always a living irony. Massive development and infrastructure improvements downtown, but the neighborhoods continue to languish. The more they pay attention to one, the more it contrasts the other. But even the downtown developments come at a cost, often blasting down precious historic structures for little or no purpose. You can always build something new, but you can never create or replace an historic location.

  • Thanks for the really interesting photos!.

    I no longer live in Detroit (pacific norhtwest now) but love the photos, but hate what’s happening to the city.

    What a mess,eh?

  • Hahahaha ! Hilarious Erob. Actually the bird dwelling is from up yonder in Macomb Township. I just liked it cause the roof is made of an old Coca Cola container.

  • Damn! Even the bird house is abandoned. I love Detroit!!!!

  • Oh god. Could you replace the Archer one with “Kwame”?

  • I love the stop sign. Impeach Archer! LOL!

  • No idea Jason, Im using Firefox and it works here. The site has no RSS feed if thats what you are trying to view.

  • Why can’t I see the pics in firefox?

  • thanx roger – im glad the site is still entertaining. with anything that goes for years, its hard to keep up momentum at times.

  • The scope of your talent never ceases to amaze me. Every time I think you’ve hit your peak, you come along and top it.