4 Responses to New Years Eve 2010

  • Daaayymmm! Worse than what I remembered growing up there! Sounds like a friggin’ war zone!

  • Hahaha ! Nope – I believe that is St Peter’s on Vernier.

  • lol is that a church bell i hear tolling in there at the 3-4min mark?

    i was down in Frenchtown Twp for the night at my buddy’s place…we heard all the hillbillies firing off their guns too, so it’s not just a ghetto thing, lol…then we added our own contributions to the mayhem, heh

    i suspect the gunfire background noise at my new house was similar to what you recorded here, being that i live near Warren & Greenfield. i have not spent a New Year’s Eve at that house yet.

    lol…otherwise i’d’ve been tempted to light off a quarter stick, ahahaha

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