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This is an audio recording I made shortly after midnight on January 1st, 2009. All I did was hold the digital camera up to the open window. This was after a bit of fireworks from a nearby municipality. These are not firecrackers.

What exactly is the logic of celebrating an event by firing weapons in the air ?


Does this happen in other regions ?

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  • You know the guns gone clap down here in Tucson. Every year, hoss. Even though we got all kinds of laws down here, don’t stop nobody from breakin ’em.

  • Here in Phoenix AZ, it’s against the law to shoot guns into the air ever since a 12-year old girl, Shannon, was hit and killed by a stray bullet as she stood in her backyard talking on her phone. The law is called “Shannon’s Law” and is strictly enforced.

  • Shooting off guns into the air is a favorite pastime of my fellow citizens here in Richmond, VA, where guns are cheap and legal. My better half found a bullet lodged into a roof he was working on recently.

    In Puerto Rico this practice is so prevalent that local hip-hop duo Calle 13 wrote a song about it called “Ley de Gravidad” (The Law of Gravity) advising against it.

  • Yep. Here, too, in a tiny town just south of Corsicana, Texas (or about 80 mi. south of Dallas). In fact, this recording could have been made here.

    The custom originally was supposed to be to make enough noise to scare off evil spirits. Now I guess it’s just to make noise.

    I love this site, too. I grew up in Detroit, but my family moved away 30 years ago. You’re doing a wonderful job and your photography’s tops. Thanks for the poignant view of a beautiful city.

  • Yes, this happens in other areas. Here in Austin, TX, it’s mostly on the south and east sides. More fireworks than anything, though.

    I love what you’re doing here. I stumled upon your site while reading that article in the Weekly Standard about Detroit. I can tell you guys have a lot of pride in your city. I hope things improve. And I know it’s not ALL bad.

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