not all those who wander are lost

Strange little structure nested along the canal across from Zug Island.

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  • I was walking around that strange place back in October. A crew was was attaching a sign that said “Lucky Dragon” or something like that. It was just temporary, because the place was being used as a location for Danny Glover’s movie called “Highland Park”.

    That church Paul mentioned was for sale for a while, but I’m not sure how that ended.

  • Nice shots. The streetside building looks as if it was a bar at one time. I’d imagine many lakeboat sailors spent their “up the street” time there for a beer or a little “company” before the days of modern self-unloaders that are only in port for 8 hours or so. Being a “boatnerd”, I love the shots by the water!

  • Another very interesting structure near Zug Island is the recently closed St. John Cantius Catholic Church. Over 100 years old, it is a smaller of the grand Churches (seats about 1,200) but was very nice inside. I have many intereior pictures of the church before it closed just over one year ago.

    There was a grade school right next to the church, but it was closed a long time ago, burned, then was demolished. The rectory is still there.

    The parish refused to sell out back in the 1970’s so the sewage treatment pools were built around it. Just google earth the church and see how St. Johns is like a lilly in a cesspool.

    The church is now boarded up, probably awaiting demolition so the sewage treatment plant will add more treatment cisterns.

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