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Some miscreants thought it would be nice to decorate the Grand Boulevard overpass at Packard with the epitaph from the gates leading into Auschwitz.

Here is an AP photo of the original gates at Auschwitz.

Okay, now crazy stuff happens in Detroit all the time, but this one is off the charts and beyond offensive. The television news tried to contact the “owner”, but we know there really isn’t one. If not the county, the city of Detroit should have sent workers with a truck to take it down when it was first reported. This is a straight up hate crime, in my opinion. It has been up for a few days with nobody stepping up to get rid of this thing.

I went up with a hammer and tore the god damn thing down.

(btw I had help from a new friend who was there to do the same thing.)

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  • detroit will be boming again wen you open it like a prison….

  • great action
    you dude s better start it again just like ww2 america wil fall soner or later wen you dont claen it from the jews they alredy have the top of the us in there hands. and jou dont see it comming. the only people who wil suffer are the true americans so do something abbout it
    this reaction come s from europe

  • Awesome! Loving this site

  • Ram-ma Lam-ma Ding-Dong!

  • Well, say this, ALL THIS HYPE OVER THIS destroyed building is a damn head ache, and no ones business but the city state and the dude who owns it….That being said……..ONE DAY IT WILL BE demolished, but the city is gonna have to pay to the people and parties who took command and made use of the property and have legal ownership, but nuff said, that place is an old iconic rotting building….BUT HEY<<<<< then build a 20ft electric fenced in neighboor hood, and have sumthing that is decent for peeps to live in …..A matter of fact……Put a damn theme park On that property!!!!lol,,,,,,many possibilities but for me to run across this site and find this argument is pathetic and pointless because the city has no money to tear it down, they wont even take down old abandoned houses, they aint or are not willing to pay the owner what is owed for demo ing the building without proper permits and what not….Its a cluster FKK. But It will work it self out,,,or fall……So what is the big deal………

  • Nice Work D!

  • DFunk, this is a late reply to your reply…….you do a great job, I have been a fan of your work/site for years. I love and hate Detroit with an equal passion, if that makes any sense!

  • Law school educated in constitutions of states, this Great Country, Native Americans, foreign countries, & international bodies & having taught First Amendment issues to university students, I wholly & enthusiastically applaud the actions of the men behind the hammers, dETROITfUNK, & all who support them. Thank you, Hammer Men, for standing up & taking action when no one else would. Thank you dETROITfUNK for spending your hard earned money to pay for free archiving of Detroit & for turning a horrific act of violence inflicted upon our fellow citizens & neighbors into an unforgettable teachable moment discussion. Thank you to all who’ve supported with comments & encouragement. Bless each of you. I salute you. Education aside…good hearts see good hearts. To the middle of the night “not right in the head” coward exercising your privilege of free speech in a misguided attempt to bring attention to your belief that Detroit has fallen…with the same words that welcomed millions to their deaths through organized, condoned, & executed (pun intended) government murder…shame on you. No valid argument can be made that you did not attempt through use of specific German words to intentionally communicate, with “bad judgment, to say the least,” unspeakably horrific meanings in the eyes & hearts of your neighbors. Shame on you & your supporters for abusing your right; your actions are “off the charts beyond offensive.” Hammer Men’s actions, private in nature, are not fascist…grab a dictionary…favoring corporations over citizens…still got your dic handy? You, coward, through your actions diminish life, liberty & happiness, but…”MegaFail”…we loving our neighbors lemmings stick together. The “loud & clear” “hammer form of speech” used to take down such hatework pursues & encourages life, liberty & happiness. Bravo!!! Now, let’s all take Hammer Men’s lead, lifting up our neighbors in this great land of promise & freedom, lest we dishonorably forget those who sacrificed for our keyboard sign squabbling rights. Lemmings, stick together…we haven’t fallen, we are rising up…we can fight ignorant forces with our intelligent, compassionate hearts & voices…together we can realize The Dream.

  • Good job!!

  • fuck you faggot,10-4 that. Yet looking from the outside N Cal, are we looking at our future? We better learn and do better. Politicians sell us out,play us. Govt, takes our kids future their education,take our houses,our city,our country.Fuck you Faggots.

  • Thank you. Hate is hate (the sign being a prime example) and love is love (those who understand and appreciate your response to it).

  • i.m.h.o.:
    many people don’t know that the packard was actually one of the best places in detroit for an auto worker to be. they built some damn nice stuff and they were proud to do it.there is no parallel to a death camp here. detroit’s present state is due mostly to greed and politics.
    wanna be ironic? buy a t-shirt.
    you do have the right to free speech.
    if people don’t want to hear it, they have a right to tell you to shut the fuck up.
    there are still survivors to that horrific period in time that should be sheltered from those nightmares as much as possible. they don’t need a reminder.
    they are also of a generation that built the city that is being destroyed.

  • Dfunk…I just read about your actions in the Arizona Republic. As a former Michigan resident, I say “Good Job”.

  • As noted by stuart, it seems someone was trying to draw a parallel between mass produced capitalist consumerism and the failed Nazi state. Thus Packard’s employees and customers, and probably the city of Detroit, would metaphorically correspond to the Nazi’s victims. Was irony intended? Some might try to claim that the victims of multinational corporatism are not destined to be less numerous than those of the Nazi regime… thus not an ironic statement. The parallel fails utterly of course, as the gates of Auschwitz were quite literally the entrance to an actual factory of death. And this is all separate from the offense generated by the use of the phrase.

  • dfunk – you absolutely did the right thing. That sign was indefensible, regardless of its intent. If its creators wanted to make some kind of ironic statement about Detroit, they chose entirely the wrong words for it.

  • I worked at Packard during 1943-1944 before entering the US Army Air Corps. It’s pitiful to see what has happened to Detroit.
    “Detroit as I Knew it”

  • I was looking for a way one could just deface the sign so it said something different. The best I could think up was “BE FREE”, but you would have needed a little red paint or red duct tape for that last E. ;-)

  • I’ll keep this short cause I’m at work.

    Well done, dfunk.

  • You are welcome Stuart. Yes, the sign still achieved its goal and people saw it – and it would always have come down eventually. This is why I reject claims of censorship etc. The sign did it’s job, and nothing I could do can make that not have happened. We cut it’s life short to spare people any more pain or insult. I published the story because I want to turn the conversation around and make it a positive lesson about using hurtful imagery with no thought of its impact.

  • Thanks to you and your new friend for taking it down. It had to go, but had already achieved its creators’ purpose of provocation. I suspect it was not hate speech per se, but a half-baked ironic art installation that was to invoke the cruel promise of the Auschwitz gate to comment on the cruel promise of industrial Detroit as it collapsed. Irony can be a useful thing to invoke, but there are a few things one can never be ironic about. The Nazi death camps are at the top of the list. So let me again thank you for your cogent criticism with a claw hammer.

  • I am probably a reader who is hugely “demographically-unrelated” to your publication (which I had not heard of, previously), but I felt the need to communicate my enormous respect and admiration for your morality, courage and action.

    People like you make me continue to be proud to be a “Detroiter”.

  • Thank you for your post and actions.

    The objections to your vandalism of other vandalism is curious regardless of context. But given the offensive nature of the original act to the Jewish community, the auto industry, and simple human decency… I just can’t wrap my head around it.

  • Dfunk, looks like I am late to this party. I’m on your side. I can’t believe some of the misinformed and ignorant comments on this, then again maybe I can considering the way society seems to be going. Amen to your hammer and your new friend. Keep it up, I like your style.

  • Thanks for removing the hate speech. Who knows how long that would have stayed up there. You were proactive and need to be commended.

  • Thank you, Mr. Wilcox.

  • Good job, dude. See it, fix it — a small thing, but a necessary thing.

  • I wonder what the tone of the dialog would be if it was Banksey that put it up. Or even Guyton, for that matter.

  • Zab – yeah, the City is probably my last choice for taking action, but it was such an inflammatory issue I would think somebody would do some damage control. If I believed they would take care of it, I wouldnt have done it myself.

    Not to mention that Packard belongs to Wayne County, not Detroit or the ecstasy guy. Wayne County has enough money and resources to deal with Packard, but everybody is still playing hot potato with that property to avoid the expense.

    I would think the sign went up at night (what are we talking here, 6 oclock before its black outside ?) and they were definitely drinking some stank cheap beers up there.

  • I doubt it was “drunk assholes in the middle of the night” more likely ignorant CCS students taking a break from Call of Duty. The funny part is when you say the city should have “stepped up” and sent out a truck with some workers… Ha! They can’t even get an ambulance to the dying. Way to wield a claw hammer Dfunk next time detonate the sign and hang an American flag over it.

  • The Packard Giveth, and the Packard Taketh Away.

  • as someone who has willfully destroyed or vandalised “art” at the Packard plant many times, i can say that i prolly would have done the same thing as Dfunk.

    call me a hater, whatever, i dont fucking care. some people put up art, which maybe or maybe isnt considered “good,” and others destroy it for sport. hey. those are the rules of the Packard Plant. dont like it? STAY THE FUCK OUT, and do your silly shit somewhere else more sanitized.

    can i see the intended high-brow irony (or whateverthefuck) of suggesting that Detroit is/was a worker’s paradise or is a death camp? sure. but only if you can see the high-brow irony of me or someone else coming along and destroying your shit on a whim. if you didnt want it fucked with, maybe you should have stood there and guarded it.

  • Thank you for removing this disturbing sign. You are a kind and wonderful person. We need more people like you!!!

  • Jerry – why are you defending the sign ? That would be a more interesting thing to post. Are you saying that it is improper to take care of one problem without solving all the problems in the world at the same time ? Because I find that point of view simply incomprehensible.

  • Now why don’t you people who tore the sign down go to China and remove the propaganda adorning the walls on all the sweatshops that operate over there. Those are actually people locked in a room in the year 2013.

  • zenidene badanko – how is it a hate crime ? fuck hate crime, this was a low level act of terrorism. Dont believe me ? Talk to your Jewish friends about this, I am sure they will give you an earful.

  • Badee Odoms – by removing a repugnant sign, I am Hitler ? Just want to get your babble straight.

  • Saywuthoo – no way. Spread ignorance ? Naw, Ima gonna chase it down and kill it. The idiots that made the sign now get to watch as we turn this whole mess into a “teachable moment” for everybody about things we should not do.

  • plingpling – I never said Detroit wasnt messed up. People usually dog me for not being a more of a Detroit cheerleader, saying I should post pictures of the nice few blocks downtown and of stadiums etc. I think I put out a very realistic view of the city in all its conditions.

  • I hate to say it but sometimes I think I miss Money and Eggs!

  • wait – how is this a hate crime?

  • censoring speech and destroying artwork, I know of a guy from history who did that. whats really funny is in your misguided attempt to right some wrong you are too stupid to realize how much you are acting like that person from history. It’s overzealous self righteous morons like you that made up the core of the nazi party.

  • I could not have said it better than Martin. I want to be sympathetic to my landsmen in Detroit, but when I see the cold-hearted, myopic, and ignorant defense of racist and incendiary rhetoric such as this, I am happy I left. Anyone who defends this sign is out of their mind. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first example of Jew hatred I’ve experienced in Detroit.

  • Let’s make sure that we don’t spread more ignorance while trying to preach against it. To the one who remarked about skinheads, don’t lump all skinheads into one group. News to many of you, most skinheads are very anti-racist hard working contributors to society. Respect the culture as they do all of you.

  • Nice work Dfunk. I realize you love your city, but………….DETROIT is thee most back asswards place in the country….for real.

  • The courts will argue that my hammer was a form of speech. I think I spoke loud and clear.

  • I think we should consult the constitution… Freedom of Speech, unless I interpret what you say as offensive then I can tear it down with a hammer.


  • taking the sign down and causing a big fuss over something like this is excatly what the artist was trying to acomplish

  • Good work, DFunk.

  • You are right Sara B. – and PLENTY of people DO pitch in – cutting grass, picking up garbage, cleaning the Rouge, boarding up houses. I also was not the only one there to take the sign down, another fella helped me out.

    Some people seem to be crying in their beer for the sign, I dont understand this – but Nazi stuff is all radioactive and you cant use it for anything symbolic, no matter what you might think. The words and imagery are too charged to re contextualize. This sign means no more or less than a giant Swastika painted on the Packard would have been. And some idiots would argue for the Swastika, saying it is an historical symbol used by numerous cultures. Yep…this is true (the Penobscot Building has Swastikas all over it, because it is a native american motif) but you cant use it anymore because the Nazis ruined it. All things associated with Nazis are now charged with unspeakably horrific meanings, and no drunk assholes slapping up a sign at Packard in the middle of the night are going to change that one bit.

    Whoever did it, mega-fail.

  • Too many young people with too much time on their hands.

  • I am not a reporter, Im a guy with a blog and I pay to run it for people like you to look at it for free. By taking down that sign, I am now a nation who favors corporations over its citizens ? (“That sounds pretty fascist to me.”) Thats a bunch of baloney. Anybody who defends this sign isnt right in the head. I dont care what Turd Ferguson or whoever intended when they put it up – that doesnt matter. It was very bad judgment, to say the least.

  • “I like how fucking offended people get over a stupid sign but cant see the real issue with the city of Detroit and the Packard itself. Ignorance is bliss.”

    Who says people cant see the real issue ? You seem offended that the sign was removed more than anything. Its just a sign, who cares if its down – move along.

  • Good job! The problems in Detroit will do nothing but persist so long as the residents refuse to take action to correct what’s wrong. There needs to be more people willing to do what you did. Don’t wait for someone else to fix it.

  • Hi,
    I hate to tease the bear… Who am I kidding, I love doing that.

    To the point, Have any of you, the ones arguing in this post and everywhere, considered the possibility that the best way out of the socioeconomic trap we find ourselves in is creating vibrant local communities? I’m not talking about people being really good friends in one locale or another; I’m saying that we could actually be interdependent in our communities, providing for all of our basic and complex needs.

    My question for you is this: What contribution have your comments here, or your actions regarding this issue, been to those around you, who matter to you? Or have they been, as they appear, simple frustration expressed destructively?

    Email me if you want to have a conversation about intentional communities.

  • I like how fucking offended people get over a stupid sign but cant see the real issue with the city of Detroit and the Packard itself. Ignorance is bliss.

  • I’m only seeing one nazi punk here, and it’s detroit funk.

    I don’t know if you make any money doing this, but either way you are essentially a reporter. A reporter’s job is to report the news, not make it.

    I don’t see where you’ve made any effort whatsoever to find out what whoever put the sign up actually meant by it. Instead, you made what is probably an invalid assumption that this was a “hate crime” and took it upon yourself to end any potential dialogue that might have come from it. That sounds pretty fascist to me.

    And shame on all the lemmings lining up to congratulate you too.

  • Fuck you faggot

  • Good work D-Funk. I thought about getting a crew together to destroy it myself. Thank you!

  • Mr Ferguson,

    I don’t live in Detroit, and didn’t read or see any news story on this. That said, the phrase “Arbeit Macht Frei” translates into “Work makes you free”. It was above the gates at a few concentration camps during WWII, and was a lie.
    That phrase has come to symbolize organized murder on a mass scale and as a result is offensive to many. I applaud the actions of the person that took it down.


  • Good work Dfunk! Probably the work of a skinhead. SMH.

  • Hey Turd – did you put up the sign ? I would love to turn your info over to authorities if this is the case. “The sign was put up to bring attention to the fall of Detroit and how the city has let it happen.” This is a direct statement in first person, sure sounds like you did this.

  • Yep I knew this would happen. People jump to conclusions all the time. The sign was put up to bring attention to the fall of Detroit and how the city has let it happen. You people just read a story and decided to comment on it too and just like the story you read about you got it wrong. By taking down the sign you have just encouraged the person who did it to do it again. Stick to reporting about stupid shit that no one cares about, that’s all you can do.

  • you’re a good dude.

  • God Bless You!