not all those who wander are lost

Yesterday I was in the hood for work, and decided to poke around the Northville Psych hospital on 7 Mile Road. This place is long abandoned, probably costs millions to maintain in its blown out unusable state, and is billed directly to the residents of the State of Michigan. Land deals and demolition plans come and go, but the place is still standing.

I do not have the historical data on the Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital..

Here is a USGS shot of the entire complex – freakin huge. The buildings are connected by a system of utility tunnels – this is to facilitate transfer of patients in in-climate weather, and also to help insure privacy.

Echos of the former Wayne County Training School on Sheldon Road. Long before it became the home of big-foot home sprawl and million dollar per square foot property values, Northville was home to a wide variety of institutions. Maybury Sanatorium for childrens Tuberculosis, the womens prison, the asylum on Sheldon Road, the newer hospital that used to sit next to that – it goes on and on.

[ Pam adds: Just a note- Maybury TB hospital was for adults too. ]

Off to the sides of the main structure are a multitude of low rises.. I stayed pretty much on the north eastern part of the property, but these go all the way around back and the other side of the main building.

Thinking about trespassing ? Forgetaboutit. I spent not 5 minutes barely on the grounds taking photos, and was greeted by a multitude of State vehicles, security and groundskeepers trucks. God only knows what the payroll is to maintain this abandoned piece of property.

Tear that shit down.

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  • i went there a couple days ago. go at night and there is ways in

  • I live right were they were tore down and a subdivision was built and yes my house is haunted things go missing then come up in unopended boxes how could they get there? weve also seen the ghost we think haunts us we live about 4 miles from sheldon road

  • I guess youd have to contact somebody in Lansing who manages the property for the State.

  • i work for an investigastion unit and we would like to go in there to take video and pics at night how would i go about to do that

  • do not tear this shit down everybody who looks at this site remebers going to the sheldon center and how much fun they had urban spulunkin is one of the funiest things ive ever done so to tear down something so historic and fun is a disgrace to everybody they need to give tours or show our past not erase it you our all lame ass suckas

  • we used to go to the old part of Maybury all the times as teenages,,, If you got caught then your parents were called, I remember when I was there one night and finally went in the old building seeing mattresses, needles in the rooms, never again did I went back,,, too scary…

  • Just a note- Maybury TB hospital was for adults too. My great-grandfather was a patient there.