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  • I do a bunch of reading here on your blog, but I don’t normally comment.
    Thought I should take a minute and say hi and thank you for the great posts you’ve been making.

  • Hilar ! – “defunked”

  • Yeah – its still there. Ive photographed that Malice mural so many times through the years, it changes over time as it gets retouched.

  • Another note worthy mural is that of St. Malice Green.
    Two police were accused in his death some time ago. It was a major deal in Detroit history.

    I believe his shrine (and mural) is on Warren Ave. But I’m not exactly sure of the location.

    Is it still there?

  • It helps as a promotional tool if you get your website address right:
    (now defunct … wonder if they ever got any visitors!)

  • Ohh man, where to begin?

    4th photo from the top – love the Jesse rendition that’s equal parts Keane “sad eyes” and Roswell, NM bulbous-fore-headed alien! Plus, that floating head of H. Tubman has generated plenty of nightmares.

    What’s up with Bibendum (Michelin Man)? It looks like he had one too many spliffs before he posed.

    At least you helped me in finding a place that will supply my 5 year old kid’s birthday party with a train filled with “live characters”, a DJ and the most important element of all – bouncers.

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