not all those who wander are lost

I was headed past the cemetery next to the Packard plant yesterday, driving around trying out my new Nikon D50 (a back up to the Nikon D70 Ive been using), and asll of the sudden here comes a police escort down the road….. Escorting- Mother Goose ??????

No, really.

Anyone have any idea where Mother was headed ? Festival of the Arts maybe ? It was a more surreal sight that normal in the City to see a giant colorful goose drive by.

4 Responses to Mother Goose ?

  • Hatters – mercury was the “intoxicating substance” that caused the “hatters shakes”. Not sure that this counts as one of your class A hard drugs though…

  • And they said no more police escorts!

    Just kidding.

    Thats a random spot for it to be next to I must say.

  • Mother Goose has settled into the back lawn of the Detroit Public Library for the weekend.

  • She was cruising westbound on Warren at 11AM yesterday. I was at the Potato Place and turned around to look out the window while they got my ice cream, and almost fell over! Wonder what she’s up to…