The Renaissance Center is actually quite engaging in early morning light, and also near sunset.

The Waterworks Park Hurlbut Gate is getting much needed restoration. I hear that the long stolen bronze Hurlbut head is also coming home to roost.

Look at this big ol’ hawk !

Anybody know what kind he is ?

6 Responses to Morning Light

  • chad & i have come across that guy in the shanty a couple times…he seems kinda reticent

  • that is crazy–cuz i think i “know” the guy–if it is who i think it is, he is usually walking up Atwater as i drive to the office every morning–we wave hello…i’ve often wondered where he stays.

  • yeah – the “trash and stuff’ is actually a dwelling. Theres a guy who lives there, he built a little shanty complete with out buildings. Scrazy.

  • great RenCen shots–the blue sky is gorgeous, as are the oranges. the photo with the trash and stuff reminds me of favelas I saw in Brazil. but this is my neighborhood–so it hits even harder.

  • I’m going back to my first thought, and saying it’s a Cooper’s Hawk.
    Didn’t think they had spots on the back, but.. there they are!

    Great early day shots, by the way.

  • I believe that would be your ‘Red Tailed Hawk’, though the tail stripes made me think ‘Cooper’s Hawk’ for a minute.. either way, it looks to be a youngin’. Strangely, they’re known for a large amount of variability in color, which might explain why the tail isn’t so red!

    Great site! I visit at least three times a week. More black & white please!