not all those who wander are lost

The Renaissance Center is actually quite engaging in early morning light, and also near sunset.

The Waterworks Park Hurlbut Gate is getting much needed restoration. I hear that the long stolen bronze Hurlbut head is also coming home to roost.

Look at this big ol’ hawk !

Anybody know what kind he is ?

5 Responses to Morning Light

  • that is crazy–cuz i think i “know” the guy–if it is who i think it is, he is usually walking up Atwater as i drive to the office every morning–we wave hello…i’ve often wondered where he stays.

  • yeah – the “trash and stuff’ is actually a dwelling. Theres a guy who lives there, he built a little shanty complete with out buildings. Scrazy.

  • great RenCen shots–the blue sky is gorgeous, as are the oranges. the photo with the trash and stuff reminds me of favelas I saw in Brazil. but this is my neighborhood–so it hits even harder.

  • I’m going back to my first thought, and saying it’s a Cooper’s Hawk.
    Didn’t think they had spots on the back, but.. there they are!

    Great early day shots, by the way.

  • I believe that would be your ‘Red Tailed Hawk’, though the tail stripes made me think ‘Cooper’s Hawk’ for a minute.. either way, it looks to be a youngin’. Strangely, they’re known for a large amount of variability in color, which might explain why the tail isn’t so red!

    Great site! I visit at least three times a week. More black & white please!