not all those who wander are lost

Look at this thing ! I have never seen any dog like this. AlphaMale GhettoDog….!

First off I saw a pack of four unreasonably large and very active ghetto dogs. As soon as I stopped and made eye contact, two of them stopped and stared me down.

How does the fire station finally burn down I wonder ?

Its tired, and its sleeping. A house that is trying to go back to the earth.

Looks as if someone was upstairs reading in a chair when the front of the house fell off.

Or something…

Flying bear snagged in highway tree. (like I needed to explain..)

No joke – the worlds largest pile of pulled pork…. Yum !

Blown out old hospital building near the Lodge.

6 Responses to More Sunday Madness

  • I dunno Adam, those ghetto dawgs in your pic look mighty hungry to me !

  • The ghetto dogs aren’t all that threating…

    …although I don’t know if I would mess with that Alpha male.


  • Nice series, I like ghetto dogs almost as much as dead krakheads.

  • The fire department of my town burned down…twice actually. Then the third time they purposly burned it down.

    Then again, my town only has one house fire a year. They need to do something to keep them from getting bored.

  • Hahaha ! You got it Arab Guy.. I photo the dogs whenever I see them. Usually the first thing I do when I head out is count off a few. No Ghetto Dogs is a bad omen. Of course – too many ghetto dogs is just plain bad.. 4 GDs right out of the gate is crazy though.

    I should assemble the whole set of every ghettodog Ive ever photographed. That would be some work……

    All hail the Hell Hounds of Detroit !

  • I love this set, definetly my favorite so far. More photos of Ghetto Dogs would be greatly appreciated.