not all those who wander are lost

These are more film negative scans.

Brodhead Naval Armory, Registered Site L0844 Erected 1960.

These are a few of the WPA murals that are still in the building, now abandoned.

Woodlawn grave monument, boxed off to protect from vandals.

Highland Parks abandoned police station

3 Responses to More Film Scans

  • Kahnman –

    I did indeed shoot as many straight formal shots as possible, however many of the very tight spaces were not so accomodating to that technique. I did not get to shoot everything to my satisfaction however.

    Seeing how Brodhead is permanently closed and owned by the City of Detroit, I wouldnt look for any archival style photos of the inside any time soon.

    Now, if Detroit treats it like it treats other such places, there may be abandoned exploration photos eventually. I would assume the great artwork inside will be or is being stripped out of there.

    Sad and sick, but its the way it is round here.

  • Is there any way that you could photodocument the murals and other architectual details of Broadhead from an “archival” perspective (right angle, head on shots with a minimum of keystone effect) – ala Library of Congress HAEB/HAER standards? As cool as the fisheye lens is, I feel you are one of the only persons that could take archival quality photos of this place for future generations to admire after it gets torn down (sorry for my pessimistic view)!
    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

  • I enjoy your site.
    A great friend of the family, Edgar Yaeger (d.1997) painted the great lakes warships mural in the Broadhead. Always wanted to see them. I believe the center mural depicted is it. Thanks!